Alex D. (alex27782) wrote,
Alex D.

  • Catch up on reading in Music Business. Study for that midterm so as to bring my grade up.
  • Start working on music for Thayer's group dance. This involves researching the tango and looking for musicians.
  • Finish my album.
  • Work on my sound art miniature and give thought to the final project.
  • Make a good project for inter-media composition. Virgil, please put the assignment specification up so I can start this.
  • Practice with Kevin so that I can play in Compartment at Kfest.
  • Come up with a linguistics topic.

        Yes it will be good to stay down here for spring break....

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Finish your album... yesyesyes. Sounds like you've got a plate full. All of my friends are artists.

How interesting.
My creativity gets spread so thin. It's totally unnatural.
you're staying in ann arbor for spring break??
Crud I can't make it up for Keweenawesomefest, after all.