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All the rest them

A birdbath

Alex D.
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My name's Alex.
african music, alan moore, alt rock, american music, anagrams, analog, analog synthesizers, animals, art, attention, audio equipment, avant garde, basement shows, batman, bebop, big band, black metal, bop, bread, childhood, clarinet, classic punk rock, classic rock, colored pencils, comedy, comfort, comic books, composition, computers, contemporary classical music, cool jazz, country music, cowgirls, dancing, death metal, delta blues, discomfort, downbeat magazine, downloading music, drawing, ego, electronic music, fidgeting, field recording, fm synthesis, free jazz, funk, fusion, garasman, groove, guitar, hard bop, hard rock, hardcore punk rock, henry miller, improvisation, indian music, industrial, ipod, junk, juno-106, kaleidoscopes, keyboard instruments, klezmer, krautrock, kurt vonnegut, laughter, licking envelopes, listening, live music, long playing records, martin scorcese, minesweeper, modal jazz, monty python, moog, mountain biking, movie scores, movies, my dog, myself, mythical creatures, noise, overhearing, people, photo editing, piano, playing music, pop rock, post-punk, progressive rock, punk, puppet shows, rap, reading, recording music, replicants, ridley scott, robert deniro, romantic music, sampling, satire, scrabble, selma blair, sharing music, shy girls, silica gel, silicagel, soulseek, sound design, sound effects, soup, south park, stand-up comedy, steve buscemi, subtractive synthesis, swing, synthesizers, tape, tape op magazine, the coen brothers, the perfect sandwich, thrash metal, timbre, timepieces, trance, trip-hop, trudging, trumpet, turntablism, uma thurman, vcf, vocal music, writing, youth, zaxes